We are Queens Eviction Lawyers Jimmy Solomos and Derrick Storms.  Welcome to our eviction and landlord/tenant law practice, conveniently located in Astoria, Queens.  As you already know, Covid-19 has interrupted people’s lives and work immeasurably.  We understand the unimaginable suffering and damage this pandemic has caused families and their finances, and want you to know we are here to help you.  Our eviction lawyers have been fighting eviction cases for over twenty years, we are well-versed in eviction law, and we often find solution for clients, such as extending your ability to stay in the property without additional payment of rent, stopping illegal evictions and illegal rent collection, and in some cases dismissing eviction cases.  Often tenants have rights that they are not aware of, certain actions by your landlord may prevent them from rent collection and eviction.  Call the eviction lawyers at Solomos & Storms, PLLC to learn your rights and fight eviction.