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What can a commercial real estate lawyer in Astoria do for you?

Solomos and Storms is a well-established Commercial Real Estate Law Firm in Astoria, NY. As such, we are familiar with local zoning and environmental laws, and help clients with all aspects of buying, selling and leasing commercial properties. We deal with landlord/tenant disputes, including non-payment of rent, and have a track record of solving cases through mediation and negotiation. If need be, Solomos and Storms will fight vigorously for your rights in court.

“We will review all paperwork pertaining to your commercial real estate business and give you an expert opinion of where you stand.

Types of Commercial Real Estate We Help Clients With In Astoria, Queens

Commercial Real Estate is broken down into several different categories, including; Retail, Multifamily, Office Space, and Industrial, to name a few. A retail space might be a clothing store or a restaurant, for example. Multifamily could be a two-family house or a brownstone. Office space could be used for doctors’ offices or real estate offices. And industrial could apply to a warehouse, such as one Amazon might use. Sometimes commercial real estate may be jointly owned by a couple considering divorce. We can help with this too. As Commercial Real Estate Attorneys practicing in Astoria for more than 50 years combined, Solomos and Storms have expertise in dealing with all of these. 

Commercial Real Estate Business In Astoria During Coronavirus

As you are no doubt aware, local businesses in Astoria have been deeply affected by the Coronavirus Shutdown. There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. The government is offering various forms of assistance, including; the Cares Act and the Paycheck Protection Program. If you need help applying for any governmental assistance regarding Covid-19, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help. 

Going out of business because of Covid-19? Solomos and Storms can help you negotiate with your landlord or lenders to save you money and make the transition go smoother.

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