You may have rights that you are unaware of that may prevent your landlord from collecting rent and/or evicting you.  We provide a thorough analysis of your case to determine legal defenses that may be available to you, such as, determining if your landlord has made illegal improvements to the property or has engaged in other conduct that may prevent their ability to collect rent or evict you.  New York City has enacted numerous laws that are designed to protect tenants in eviction cases.  When you hire an eviction attorney to present legal defenses in court, the Judge may deny your landlord’s eviction case and prevent them from evicting you or collecting back rent from you.  You should absolutely learn your rights, as many landlords engage in illegal conduct that impairs their ability to evict you or collect back rent from you.  In other instances your landlord may not have served you properly, which can result in their eviction case being dismissed.  Call us so that our eviction lawyers can evaluate your case and determine what rights are available to you to fight your eviction case.